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WHY CHOoSe the Tungland Corporation
People ask, "Why should I chose The Tungland Corporation to provide services to my loved one?"
  • Tungland works individually with each person to achieve independence.
  • Tungland works with each person to develop daily living skills, manage behaviors, forge new relationships.
  • Tungland works with people in their community, helping them to be a part of their community.
  • The needs and goals of the people we serve are Tungland’s goals and primary focus.
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Supported Living, Independent Living, Family Living Services in Farmington, New Mexico
Today more individuals are choosing to remain in their own homes, rooted in their community. The Tungland Corporation is committed to helping them maintain their independence through the DD Waiver Community Living Services Program, providing professional supports to people living in leased, rented, or individually-owned homes. Supports are also provided for meaningful activities in the community. Our dedicated, compassionate Tungland staff respect your choices, your home, and your beliefs.

Believing in People
Our work at The Tungland Corporation is grounded in the belief that each person has the capability to grow regardless of individual challenges – discovering unique gifts, releasing hidden potentials, building valued roles in the community.

Providing Personalized Services
Whether your need is for help with health care coordination, administering your medications, transportation, financial management, or simply learning more about how to be part of your community The Tungland Corporation is ready to help. Our professionally-trained staff are available on a 24-hour-a-day, seven-days-a-week basis with personalized support services to meet your daily living needs.

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