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Attendant Care (ATC)

The Attendant Care Service is developed to attain or maintain safe and sanitary living conditions (personal and environmental), allowing an individual to remain in his/her personal home.

Our objective is to develop and implement a schedule/general plan of care to ensure that the highest quality of life is achieved for the people that we serve.  To complete this service objective, we typically focus on improving the following areas:
  • Daily living skills (i.e. bathing, oral hygiene, toileting, wound care, Ambulation, meal preparation, routine skin and nail care, etc.)
  • Meal planning
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Assistance with participation in community activities (shopping, church)
  • Providing attention to injuries and/or illness
  • Medication assistance and/or reminders
  • Housekeeping
Staffing needs are based on the individualized program and the needs of the individual being served.

All employees meet the State of Arizona requirements, have a valid Finger Print Clearance Card, and have successfully passed all of the The Tungland Corporation training courses and background checks.

To learn more about Attendant Care, fill out a services request form or contact a TTC representative nearest you.
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