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Document DestructionThe Tungland Corporation goal with document destruction is to protect confidential data through the proper use of document shredding. Our individuals are trained to maintain confidentiality while ensuring that documents are shredded and recycled.

Our working individuals are supervised by our TTC Direct Support Professionals in a secured environment either at your office or ours.  Our direct support professional staff members provide training and assistance to working individuals while completing any size shedding job. 

To learn more about how you can become a part of our shredding team, contact us using the service request for.

If you have a shredding job of any size that you need complete, contact us via e-mail or at 602-553-3667.  We will be happy to discuss your needs and provide you with a quote. 

Document Scanning
People working in the scanning department learn office etiquette and interpersonal relationships.  They develop skills such as staying on task, following multi-step directions, self-organization and attention to detail.  They become familiar with computers and scanner and build reading, writing and math skills.  They learn to use computer software such as Windows and Omni-Page.  Independence, self-motivation and teamwork are highly stressed.

The services that are provided by our scanning department include a valuable Document management solution to assist companies with managing.
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