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Habilitation, Individualized (HAI)

This service provides customized living situations for individuals in their own settings by providing support; this helps enable the individual to become more self-sufficient in areas where they may have needed some assistance. HAI is a semi-independent living program and alternative to group homes.

Individuals reside in their own apartments/homes, which allow them to operate semi-independently.  We will provide you with trained employees that are there to support your choices and values.

We are there to offer you guidance and resources so you can live a happy and successful life, independently!

Our employees provide support in the following areas:
  • Medical Appointment Management/Scheduling
  • Medication Management and Administration
  • Transportation
  • Improving socialization with family, friends and community members by teaching new skills and positive encouragement
  • Development of Daily Living/Self-help skills
  • Achieving a balanced productive and recreational lifestyle
  • Job Location Assistance 
  • Emergency Situations and more based on individualized need.
Staffing needs are based on the individualized program and the needs of the individual(s) living there.

All employees meet the State of Arizona requirements, have a valid Finger Print Clearance Card, a valid AZ Drivers License with a clean motor vehicle report and have successfully passed all of the The Tungland Corporation training courses and background checks.

To learn more about HAI services, fill out a services request form or contact a TTC representative nearest you.

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