A Brief History of The Tungland Corporation

Founded in 1983 by Robert W Tungland II, The Tungland Corporation (TTC) sprung from the belief that ALL people are capable of growth regardless of their challenges. Bob Tungland, Owner and founder of the Tungland Corporation

Innovative thinking during the de-institutional movement sweeping the country provided a safe and free environment to the people who needed to improve the quality of their life–residential community settings for those who quite often had never known or had been given the opportunity to live in a home, in a neighborhood, in a community.

From that idea and belief came the vision that now supports over 110+ residential community settings throughout the Phoenix, Flagstaff, Cottonwood and Tucson metropolitan areas.

When parents, families, and individuals wanted more community involvement or support from their own home – TTC answered with day programming and in-home support services. When asked can my child learn – find meaning through work, TTC answered in creating vocational programs now referred to as Employment Support Services.

TTC continued to address the needs of the community with the development of children's homes, after school and summer program, foster/STAR Adult Developmental and Children's Developmental homes, Elder Care and Mental Health services. And we are continuing our growth and development by expanding services throughout Arizona and into the Western US.

Thirty years has taught us a lot - to listen, be compassionate, enthusiastic about what we do, and never limit the potential of self, others or the future. Help us celebrate our next 30 years and beyond in supporting ALL people to be a part of the community.
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