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A Joyful Journey to Associate Director

Sabhash I was born in a small village in north of New Delhi, India and graduated with Bachelors of Engineering in 1978. In India, I was working as a Vice-President for a multinational company of Sweden and Europe. I had the opportunity to attend meetings & seminars in London, France, Belgium, Germany, and Luxemburg. In 2003, my family made a decision to move to United States of America.

In 2004, I started as a part-time direct support professional at the Joan d’Arc group home with The Tungland Corporation.  I really enjoyed working with the residents.  It was very fulfilling and always fun! It gave me a strong sense of satisfaction every day I went to work.  Since I loved my job so much, I applied for a full time position at the Emile Zola group home. In no time, I was promoted to a dual manager responsible for both Emile Zola Group home and Aruba group home.

Tungland is a family in itself and everyone looks after each other. I learned a lot of managerial responsibilities from my colleagues and administrators. Within six months, I was promoted to Program Coordinator overseeing the operations and quality for 4 homes.   Just as I was getting settled into the PC position, I was offered a position as an Assistant Director overseeing the operations of twelve homes in the Phoenix Metropolitan area.

In March 2007, I was presented with a “Partner-In-Excellence” award for my teamwork, integrity and daily efforts. Through this journey, I have learned that The Tungland Corporation, one can be extremely successful as long as you remain focused, work diligently, and be flexible.

Today, I am an Associate Director overseeing operations of twenty-five homes. I firmly believe that I would not be here today was it not for my peers and staff. I have an excellent team of two assistant directors, six program coordinators, group home managers for twenty-five homes, and about one hundred direct support professionals.
After spending four years with TTC serving clients who have special needs, I decided to further my education and complete a Masters in Special Education. The Tungland Corporation fully supported my decision and even supported me financially to undergo my studies.

I am very happy to be working for The Tungland Corporation and live by the simple philosophy that one should use both their heart and mind when making decisions. This philosophy has served me well at TTC and I am looking forward to the upcoming years by contributing my knowledge and skills to maintain TTC as a top quality service provider!
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