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At the start of any organization and throughout its existence, business plans outline your company's goals for success.

The Tungland Corporation, known for providing social resource programs throughout Arizona, offers a lasting means by which companies can excel in Phoenix, Arizona.

The most common interpretation of a business plan is associated with the start of a new corporation or the indication of a company moving down a different path. The business plan maps the evolution, objective and goals for new or existing corporations. Also used to obtain corporate third-party financing and investment, business plans are often times written before the enterprise is officially open for business. Still, the intent of a business plan has more uses than enticing investors and loan officers to surrender their money. To be successful year after year, businesses must develop and accommodate its ever-changing industry. All businesses seek development and a business plan is a map designed to achieve those goals.

Get a clearly-defined business plan that directs your corporation toward success in Phoenix, Arizona.
The common length of business plans are 20 pages or more which detail every aspect of your enterprise including financial projections and actualized business results, if applicable. While the depth of this report is needed for investors and banking officers unacquainted with your business, the extra detail is needed for internal use among the executives and managers of your enterprise. A business plan isn't something you draft once and rewrite later when it's time to seek added financing. It is a method that can be used throughout the year and over the life of your company.

Using a basic business plan, as an action plan, is challenging when it comes to capturing every department of your enterprise while maintaining its broad-company application. The One-Page Business Plan® is the solution to an in-house corporate action that plots the course of success for each department of your company whether it's the finance, executive or marketing department. Offered as a certified consulting service with The Tungland Corporation, the One-Page Business Plan is a real-time, online project and corporate planning software that allows your executive and management teams to design the direction of your enterprise and determine the steps that you will need to achieve your objectives. With each business plan only one page in length, drafted with point and click ease and saved in a database arrangement, everyone engaged in the planning of company operations can apply creativity and innovation to their own business plans and review the plans of other areas within the company.

From the chief executive to the operations administrator and even the middle-managers can oversee and update their development using the One-Page Business Plan in Phoenix, Arizona.

The Tungland Corporation offers corporate consulting services with  the One-Page Business Plan, but the software not only defines your business direction, it also provides built-in accountability and the development of new initiatives.

With online access restricted to those with prior authorization, the One-Page Business Plan encourages collaboration and opportunities for professional growth. With its total disclosure format, the CEO's goals are just as accessible as the goals of the subordinative managers and executives. The access format reflects how each departmental business plan supports the overall goals and objectives of the full organization. The One-Page Business Plan is multi-functional in its ability to allow the planning of performance, data-trending, performance evaluation, and bonus matrix tracking.

It takes strategic planning to arrive at your desired goals. Contact The Tungland Corporation at 602-224-5052 to discover how the One-Page Business Plan software and consultation services will transform your management team into a corporate leadership force set on achieving the company's objectives in Phoenix, Arizona.

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