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Our promotional distribution service (door-to-door marketing) is provided by our Vocational Department to businesses around the State of Arizona.

The participants of the Promotional Distribution program build a variety of different skills.  They improve their work ethic and self-motivation.  They also increase their ability to stay on task for a set amount of time.

Consumers will learn positive community interactions while being offered the opportunity to work on cognitive skills by helping count flyers, reading, identifying "No Soliciting" signs and reading house numbers.

If you would like more information about the services that we can provide to you and/or your business, please contact us at 602-224-5052 or locate an office near you.

For information on how you or your loved one can work at The Tungland Corporation's (TTC) Promotional Distribution, please complete a service request and a friendly TTC representative will be contacting you.
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