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"One of the top 3 reasons people purchase homes is because of the school district.  It's a joy and comfort to know your child is in a good district and that each school could/can take care of all of your child's needs and your expectations.

But what if the needs don't stop after 3pm and your child is too old for day-care, and needs are too different for the regular after school service?  What if your child had special needs?

My daughter Autumn has attended Tungland services for almost 10 years.  It is a comfort and blessing for me to be able to work and know that my child is receiving good care.  It is nice to know my child special needs will be taken care of by special people who have been not only trained, but want to watch my child grow and learn even if it is in a non traditional way. And Tungland has a location in our neighborhood so that I know she is right there in our district.

My expectations are met with the Tungland Corporation. I thank God for the fantastic service and each dedicated staff member that attends to Autumn everyday.  Autumn is happy and that makes me happy!"

Ardith Brostowicz
Mother of Autumn Holloway
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